Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Autistic and Proud!

Nathaniel and Faith Andrew have been dancing since the age of 2.

Nathaniel has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Erb's Palsy. He is proud to be Autistic. Nathaniel is thirteen years old and he has danced competitively with Basic Attitude dance company since the age of seven. In April, Nathaniel won the title of Junior Dreamboat 2006 at the Broadway Dreams competition in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The award included a scholarship. The next competitions will be held in London, Ontario and Niagara Falls, New York, where Nathaniel hopes to qualify for their National Finals in Cape May, New Jersey this summer. Faith, who is now eight years old, has danced competitively with Basic Attitude since she was four.

An Exceptional Teacher for Exceptional Children

Basic Attitude dance company is located near Eagle and King in Preston, Cambridge. The principal and owner is Sherri Cook. She has taught Nathaniel since the age of four and first invited him to compete at the age of seven. Sherri gives her students skills that will last throughout their lives and sees the potential in every child.

At BAdc, Faith and Nathaniel take classes in jazz, ballet, and tap. Faith also takes a modern class and Nathaniel takes a class in musical theatre for his competitive solo. Nathaniel is competing with his musical theatre jazz solo as well as a ballet trio and a jazz group. Faith is competing in a ballet group and is also in Nathaniel's jazz group. Both children have been diagnosed with Autism, Nathaniel also has physical disabilities.


Faith Andrew - 6 years old, competitive jazz solo

Nathaniel Andrew - 12 years old, competitive ballet trio

Nathaniel Andrew - 12 years old, non-competitive ballet trio

Nathaniel Andrew - 12 years old, competitive musical theatre jazz solo - This solo, "Accentuate the Positive" won an overall award for Best Emotional Execution, Junior Division at the International Dance Competition in Detroit, Michigan.

Basic Attitude dance company's Year End Show will be held on June 18th this year. Nathaniel and Faith's performances will be a celebration of Autistic Pride Day. The show is at the Sanderson Centre in Brantford at 5pm. Tickets will be $18 and go on sale in late May. This year's show is called Jungle Fever and Nathaniel and Faith each perform in seven of the scheduled dance routines, three of which they dance together. Anyone is welcome to attend and celebrate the accomplishments of Autistics.


Miss Caitlin said...

Faith and Nathaniel are two of the most amazing people I know. My name is Caitlin and I am proud to say that I have know both of them for almost 5 years! Dancing with them has given me amazing experience as well as made me fall in love with thier amazing personalities. Nathaniel is one of the hardest working dancers I know. When he is preforming you can't take your eyes off of him! He quite often tells me I am talking to much in class and tells me that then I scream at dance competitons I am to loud and I scare him, which gives me a good laugh! Thanks Nathaniel for beign so great! And now onto Faith, she is my little angel I love her so much, not only is she THE BEST DANCER I HAVE EVER SEEN! but she never stops smiling! She is one of the most happy people I know and whenever I see her I cant help but be happymyself! I love the two of these children and I know for a fact that everyone else at the studio thinks the same way! the bring spunk and happiness whenever they walk into the studio and I hope it never changes! Lots of love to you both and good luck at all competitions!

Miss Megan C said...

Nathaniel and Faith and their family are very proud to be autistic. I love how open and accepting they are of this. They are amazing dancers and anybody who I talk to that has seen them dance or seen pictures or even heard my lovly stories of both would have never of guessed that they had a disabilty of any kind. In fact some are in shock if and when I do say something. I am soooooo proud of both of you and all that you have done with your dances. Your both amazing dancers and I do believe that one day I will see both of you guys starring on a the satges of Broadway. Especially you Nathaniel you dreamboat you :p!!!!!!! I could sit here and write all day about how much I Love you both and how special you are to me. You are both such wonderful, with wonderful parents ( haven't forgot about you Ruth Ann). You guys have taught me so much that I don't think that I would have ever learned if it were't for you.
Miss Megan

bevybevy said...

I first taught Nathaniel when he was four years old, and Faith was still in THE BELLY! They get bigger everytime I come home from breaks at school. Not only are they incredibly smart (Nathaniel beats me at Geography all the time with his mini quizzes) but they ARE great dancers.

P.S. those are the cutest pictures EVER!
P.P.S. That's a cool microphone stand Nathaniel (Very Frank Sinatra/ Elvis)

mcewen said...

Dance is a challenge for mine, but it just goes to show what you can achieve with dedicated professionals.
Congratulations to you all.
BEst wishes

Jason Jamieson said...

I met Nathaniel and went out with his teacher when he was much younger. I remember the dedication and the pride he showed, as well as the occasional distractions, lol. He may be well aware, but just in case he isn't, I saw the other side of life for his teacher Sherri and believe me young man, she was (is still I'm sure) one of your biggest fans and adored your successes with all her heart. We would talk and discuss how each others day went regularly. While teaching can be exhausting, she was inspired by you, just as with her other students. I remember seeing competitions and performances I would attend with her and enjoying the emotional explosions afterwards. She would often keep these moments away from the students, but you guys and your talents, feed the spirit She was always so proud of you.

:) Jason